Some information and links parents may find useful in this difficult time

Learning through play
In this difficult time, we know it’s hard to be ‘grounded’ with young children.. Please remember children are little vacuums when it comes to learning!
Make all activities fun and children will learn.
Please take time to ‘play’ below are a few basic ideas to start with..
Imagination: This is a big part of learning in our 3 to 6 yr olds .. so get creative! Painting, drawing, Small world play: and definitely Role play!!!
Mark making: Make time for free style drawing, encourage holding a pen thumb / 2 fingers! If they’re interested in forming letters – remember small case & phonic sounds! Get children to describe their drawings to you 😊
Books: share a story, read to them, ask them questions (what’s this picture about/ what might happen next)
Language: Children love to talk, give them time to think / reply (count to ten in your mind,before you prompt) if a word is mispronounced, repeat word back to them in your reply and then move on (Don’t make a big thing about it)
Maths: Easy! encourage counting objects, further this to include ‘more / less than’ Can they recognise numerals 1-9 ?
Talk about shapes around the house or ‘colouring in shapes’ and positions under / over. behind / next too
Physical exercise: ensure they are getting some fresh air (gardens or short walks)
indoors: Why not Put some music on & dance! Or make an indoor assault course, moving around under / over objects.. extend to picking up objects and moving from once place to another!!!
Get children cooking, washing up or helping in the garden (maybe grow some vegetables)
Other factors:
Turn taking (it’s not always their turn)
Sharing: Encourage sharing with siblings or if only child, show them some easy steps in sharing, such as breaking a biscuit in half and sharing together!
Independence: yes they can go to the toilet unaided, yes they can put things in the bin and yes they can choose for themselves (but please use the word ‘No’ when needed)
Following simple instruction: this is a great school ready tool, can they follow a simple 2-part instruction?
Example: Can you blow your nose please and put tissue in the bin! Extend to then go wash your hands..

Please get in touch if you need ideas, help or questions answered.. (private message or email)

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